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The only thing that a profit driven medical community will respond to, the only way to make such entities act ahead of time to prevent needless injury or death, is to assure that the consequence of such behavior is significant. Without such consequence, careless behavior will not change.

Doctors’ needless neglect in medical treatment cost lives and can cause devastating financial problems. In the United States, preventable medical errors cost the lives of over 100,000 patients each year, and hundreds of thousands more suffer serious injury or other long-term consequences. These serious medical errors cost between $37 and $50 billion a year, with patients and insurance companies picking up the majority of the tab. The system has been made so expensive by the doctors and their insurers that more than half of these cases go uncompensated because the victims can’t afford to hire a lawyer.


Our experienced attorneys believe in telling the truth about preventable medical conduct and their cost to our clients. The lack of truthfulness around needless medical conduct that causes harm costs the medical profession the good will and respect of many patients.

Birth Injuries

During the delivery process or immediately following birth, a careless and needless act can result in devastating consequences for the child and the family. Our legal team is ready to protect your family’s rights with experienced legal advice and caring support. We focus on the medical evidence to demonstrate how careless and needless the conduct was, and hold the negligent doctor, health care professional, or hospital accountable.

Delayed/Misdiagnosis of Cancer

Failure to diagnose cancer at an early stage can cause a treatable condition to become terminal. We fight for the victims of cancer misdiagnosis. What type of cancer was it? Did a doctor or radiologist ignore the evidence? Could earlier intervention have made a difference? The answers to these and many other important questions could help determine the outcome of your claim. Our extensive litigation experience and significant financial resources allow us to thoroughly pursue the truth in these cases.

Misdiagnosis of Heart Attack or Stroke

Heart attack and stroke misdiagnosis often results in death or permanent damage to the victim. The challenge is to prove that the misdiagnosis itself caused the injury or death, rather than an underlying genetic predisposition, congenital defect or existing cardiovascular disease. The experienced attorneys at the Carter Law Offices thoroughly evaluate all the evidence and establish proof of doctor malpractice or emergency room error in the failure to diagnose these life threatening conditions.

Medication Errors

There are many causes of medication errors, from miscommunication between doctors, nurses, and hospital dispensaries to careless or untrained doctors who prescribe contraindicated drugs. We have the resources and access to independent medical experts to conduct a detailed investigation into the truth of what happened, including overdose or underdose, harmful drug interactions, failure to take into account a preexisting condition, or negligence.

Hospital Negligence & Surgery Errors

When doctors, hospitals, and surgeons are careless and a patient is injured or dies, an entire team of investigators and insurance adjusters will often go to work to limit the legal exposure of the negligent parties in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Quick and decisive action by experienced malpractice attorneys can preserve the rights of victims to seek and receive full and fair compensation for their damages or loss.

Mental Health Care Malpractice

Failure to diagnose or adequately treat a mental disease such as severe depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder can result in lifelong consequences and even death. We have the experience and resources to thoroughly investigate claims of mental health care malpractice to find the truth.

Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Residents of nursing homes are at risk for serious injury when caregivers fail to provide the proper services and care that an individual requires. Our firm is committed to helping families seek compensation for harm done to their loved ones. We’ll help uncover what may have led to a loved one’s sudden decline, unexplained injury, or death, through investigation and the relentless pursuit of the truth.

A medical error case can cost thousands of dollars and significant time just to gather the records and hire a consulting physician before the claim is even filed. It’s worth it to us to invest the time and money to evaluate your case at no cost to you, because we believe in your right to know the truth about what happened and receive your rightful compensation.

Mr. Carter has been a board member of a well-known children’s hospital’s clinic and is involved in raising money for organizations that fight to help children struggling at the dawn of life.

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