Personal Injury Cases

One of the driving forces behind our legal practice is the firm conviction that it is our duty to stand up for victims of medical malpractice and other events which, through needless neglect, cause catastrophic injury or death. We know all too well how families and society are affected by the cost of needless medical neglect.

At Carter Law Offices, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with the compassionate support and high-quality legal service they need to recover from the damage done by a careless driver, doctor’s mistake or employer’s negligence. With more than 35 years of trial experience, we know what it takes to protect your interests and advocate for full and fair compensation in your case.

Our law firm handles many different types of catastrophic injury or death-related matters for clients throughout Peoria and central Illinois, including:

Personal Injury Cases
Medical Malpractice

We have decades of experience aggressively pursuing compensation from negligent doctors and hospitals for the unnecessary or needless harm caused to infants, children and adults.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

From car accidents to truck collisions and motorcycle fatalities, we represent individuals who have been seriously injured in all auto accident cases.

Work Accidents and Injuries

Whether you have suffered an injury in an office setting or while working on a construction site, we are here to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Catastrophic Injuries & Wrongful Death

We have the experience, skill and knowledge required to fight for the rights of the catastrophically injured in and out of court, and to hold negligent parties liable for their needlessly dangerous behavior in wrongful death cases.

Individuals who have suffered catastrophic injury or death require representation from an attorney who is committed to your cause. Throughout the past few decades, our legal team has shown such commitment by taking on cases that other lawyers shy away from.

If you believe that you or a loved one suffered lasting harm because of needless medical malpractice or someone else’s needless behavior (negligence), finding out the truth can be the first step toward recovery. Call our law office today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced personal injury or medical malpractice lawyer.

Nursing Home Negligence

Large corporate owned nursing homes all too often are driven by profit motives which result in neglect to loved ones who need such facilities at this stage in life. This firm has represented residents of such facilities who have suffered serious injury or death due to outright neglect by the nursing home staff. No one at such a late stage in life should be treated with neglect merely to enhance the profits of the owners of the institution. The law provides a way to hold such bad actors accountable.

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