Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers Peoria IL
Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers Peoria IL

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers Peoria IL Leans On for Justice

Elder abuse, especially in a professional setting, is unacceptable. Unfortunately, one in 10 Americans over the age of 60 have experienced some form of elder abuse. Just one in 14 cases is reported to authorities. A big portion of that abuse occurs within nursing homes. If you suspect your loved one is abused in a nursing home setting, make a call to Carter Law Offices. We are the nursing home negligence lawyers Peoria IL leans on for justice.

Our team specializes in nursing home negligence cases. All too often, large corporate-owned nursing homes motivate their operations in profit, resulting in neglect to elderly patients or residents. We have represented residents of such facilities who have suffered serious injury or death due to outright neglect by the nursing home staff. No one should suffer neglect, especially senior citizens who may be too weak or frail to speak up for themselves. Thus, we can get them the compensation they deserve.

What is Nursing Home Negligence?

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers Peoria IL

There are many facets of nursing home negligence, stemming from many forms of elder abuse. Some forms have roots in neglect, where patients don’t get enough food or attention. Others stem from outright physical, emotional or sexual abuse that occurs once or several times. Here’s a close look:

  • Physical abuse: inflicting physical pain or injury upon an older adult.
  • Sexual abuse: touching, fondling, intercourse or any other sexual activity with an older adult through threats or force.
  • Emotional abuse: verbal assaults, threats of abuse, harassment or intimidation.
  • Confinement: restraining or isolating an older adult that has nothing to do with medical reasons.
  • Passive neglect: failure to give an older adult necessities for daily living, such as food, clothing, shelter or medical attention.
  • Finally, willful deprivation: denying an older adult medication, shelter, food, a therapeutic device or physical assistance.

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