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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Pekin, ILMost doctors and healthcare professionals are capable and compassionate individuals who work tirelessly to improve patients’ health. These same professionals, however, will make some medical mistakes. Unfortunately, their errors can have devastating consequences on innocent patients. Our medical malpractice lawyers near Pekin, IL understand the pain and suffering that victims face. We will fight on your behalf!

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries might be the single most devastating type of malpractice in the healthcare industry. A single careless act during the delivery process, or immediately after birth, could spell disaster. Our attorneys will fight for your rights in these cases. We will use the outstanding medical evidence to demonstrate negligence. We believe that we must hold healthcare professionals accountable for avoidable mistakes.

Medication Errors

Countless patients throughout the country rely on daily medication. Unfortunately, medication errors often occur when doctors and nurses miscommunicate. Our medical malpractice lawyers near Pekin, IL have the resources and experience to conduct a detailed investigation into medication errors. A single error could cause an overdose or underdose. It can cause even more harm if the drug negatively interacts with either a patient’s preexisting conditions or other medications. In each of these scenarios, a doctor puts a patient seeking responsible medical care into danger.

At Carter Law Offices, we believe in holding healthcare professionals to a high standard. You deserve safe, effective treatment. When medical negligence hurts you, we can give you the legal tools to fight back. Our medical malpractice lawyers near Pekin, IL handle all of our cases in-house. We draw on the expertise of our entire firm to make your case as strong as possible.

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